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Spring and the renewal symbolized by shades of pink

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As winter comes to an end and spring begins, these first few months of the year can feel daunting. The festivities have passed, the weather is bleak, and it's back to the daily grind. However, this month can also be a time of renewal and rejuvenation, especially if we embrace our natural winter cycle.

A picture of my workspace, where I create wearable art.

The dark days of late February and March are perfect for recharging our energy and taking a step back to reflect. It's an opportunity to review the previous year, examine our past work, and think about how it can evolve and take on new forms. By following our natural inclination to hibernate, we prepare ourselves for the return of light and the start of a new creative cycle.

The tools I use to create my jewelry.

It's fascinating where ideas can come from during this time of year. Often, it's from doing the most mundane tasks such as cleaning and organizing our spaces. As we clear away the clutter from the busy months of the previous year, we make space for new ideas to emerge. Colours, sketches, and samples find their way to our worktables, and from there, we start to see new directions and possibilities.

Earrings inspired by shades of pink

This year, my collection of accumulated clutter has shown me the way forward. I've been inspired to incorporate more nature into my life and work, using the colours of spring, particularly shades of pink, to symbolize renewal and renewed hope. It feels like my cycle of chaos to order, creating a place for the birth of new work.

New wearable art for the spring.

During these cold, dark months, I've been dreaming of pink, which I believe will be my spring/summer colour obsession.It's exciting to see where this will take me and how it will influence my creative work. I’ve been poring over photos of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season in Japan and the last few years in Vancouver, they have provided lots of colour inspiration. 

Necklace in shades of pink

Pink, in particular symbolizes the hopefulness and rebirth that spring brings. I’m very excited about the new resin and enamel collection which I will start adding to my website soon! These images will give you an idea of what’s to come!


Everyone has their own patterns and cycles during spring. Some people find it a time to reset and set new goals, while others use it to recharge and reflect. Whatever your approach, embrace it and see where it takes you. The dark days of spring may seem challenging, but they can also be a time of great creativity and renewal.



MAR 26, 2023