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Autumn to Winter: The Inspiring Transience of Nature

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Autumn to Winter: The Inspiring Transience of Nature

Japanese version below

Autumn's vibrant transition into winter not only paints the landscape with breathtaking red, orange, and gold hues but also ignites a creative spark within me. Following the heat of the summer, the cool temperatures bring a sense of rejuvenated energy and a compelling urge to craft something new. Yet, there are deeper elements igniting the creative energy. Autumn, with its leaves falling in transient beauty, encourages me to create jewelry pieces that capture the essence of the moment, mirroring the transient beauty of nature.

The season of harvest symbolizes abundance and fruition, and I strive to harvest inspiration from the world, transforming it into wearable expressions of beauty and meaning. The autumn equinox, with its perfect balance between day and night, serves as a muse, inspiring me to seek equilibrium in my jewelry designs. I carefully balance colors, textures, and elements to create pieces that resonate harmoniously with their wearers.


Much like autumn trees that weather the seasons with resilience and grace, I too embrace resiliency in my craft. Challenges become opportunities for growth, and setbacks serve as stepping stones to innovation.

Autumn carries with it a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, and I envision my work as touchstones for cherished memories and personal reflections.


During this time of year, I often find myself thinking about and missing Japan. It's a place that uniquely marks the seasons, especially with its stunning display of autumn colors due to the abundance of deciduous trees. As the weather cools, many people enjoy visiting hot springs. Some of the best hot springs are in Northern Japan, where I lived for 20 years. Places like Sakunami, Akiu, and Naruko Onsens, easily accessible by train or bus, offer relaxation, rejuvenation, and a chance to bask in the incredible autumn foliage.


In essence, my jewelry-making process mirrors the philosophy of autumn. Each piece carries a part of my journey and a touch of autumn's timeless beauty. I hope that as you wear my creations, they enhance and express your own sense of harmony, connecting you with the profound spirit of both the season and the artistry within.

As fall transitions into winter, my jewelry-making season becomes increasingly busy with events. Please visit my website for updates on new jewelry and upcoming events. The next event, the Circlecraft Show in Vancouver from November 8-12, promises to be a delightful experience. Come and find me at booth #S5. Additionally, from December 2-23, the Visual Space Gallery Winter Art and Craft Show will feature a beautifully curated selection of pottery, glass, fashion, graphic design, and jewelry. This month, I will be adding new work to Circlecraft Gallery, CCBC, and a new collection at the Vancouver Art Gallery shop. If you're in the downtown area, be sure to check them out.




NOV 05, 2023














秋から冬にかけてイベントが増え、私のジュエリー創作も忙しくなってきます。ウェブサイトには新作ジュエリーと最新イベントを掲載しています。11月8日~12日にバンクーバーで開催されるサークルクラフトショーは、楽しいイベントになること間違いなし。私は#S5ブースにいます。そして、122日~23日は、ビジュアルスペースギャラリーでのウィンターアート&クラフトショー。美しく厳選された陶器、グラス、ファッション、グラフィックデザイン、そしてジュエリーが並びます。今月、サークルクラフトギャラリーやCCBCthe craft council of British Colombia)に新しい作品を、バンクーバーアートギャラリーショップには新しいコレクションを加える予定です。近くにいらしたら、どうぞチェックしてみて下さいね。