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From Winter to Spring: Embracing Light

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Following the busy and somewhat hectic Christmas season, I welcomed the tranquil embrace of the dark winter months, using this time to turn inward and make space for the inception of a new collection of work, which feature small collage paintings. Beginning a new project can be daunting; contemplating where to start and which direction to take. I prefer to build upon previous work, allowing it to evolve gradually, seeking ways to refine and incorporate new shapes, design elements and textures.

My artistic expression predominantly centres around themes of nature and the elements. While deciding upon specific patterns, colours I sort through my photo archive of favourite images. With each perusal, I unearth new favourites and with the passage of time, I perceive things in a different light or find myself drawn to what I might have overlooked before. In photography, I aim to capture serenity, illumination, colour and textures — qualities I continually pursue in both life and art.

For my upcoming project, I have decided to create a collection of photo collages on Japanese paper, embellished with oils, pastels, beeswax and resin. From there, I seek inspiration for my next jewelry collection, using it as a platform to practice and express my love for colour. The mantra of observe, practice, and repeat has guided me for over 40 years.


This new collection of paintings, enamel and resin jewelry will be showcased at two upcoming exhibitions in Japan in April, with the first exhibition at Kobo Gallery centering around the theme of “Elemental”:

"Elemental suggests a focus on capturing and expressing the essence of nature, incorporating motifs, textures and colours that evoke the qualities of earth, water, air and fire. Earthy tones and textures represent the solidity and grounding, watery hues symbolize fluidity and adaptability. Airy compositions and light evoke freedom and movement, while fiery colours embody passion and transformation. Elemental invites us to explore the inherent power, beauty, and harmony of the natural world, inviting viewers to connect with the elemental forces that surround and sustain us.”


The first exhibition will take place at Kobo Gallery in Tokyo from April 1-6 followed by another at Tsumugu in Sendai from April 12-27. For more information, please refer to the links provided. As the days swiftly pass, I find myself engrossed in adding the final touches, photographing all the new pieces, and attending to the myriad details surrounding travel. I’m so excited to return to Japan, it’ll be my first visit since I returned to Canada in 2019. So much has transpired in the world since then; it feels like a lifetime ago. I am looking forward to this long-awaited trip, reconnecting with friends, and indulging in some sightseeing around Tokyo, with a brief excursion to Nara then north to beautiful Sendai where I lived for almost 20 years. The allure of Japan never fades; there is always more to discover and learn. I will be sure to share some of my experiences on Instagram and provide a follow-up blog post in May.

Until then, may the arrival of spring bring you joy and renewal!

Kobo Gallery: