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Petal Pink Resin Earrings


These petal pink resin earrings are designed to attract light by layering resin with hand painted fine washi paper and pure silver leaf. They are sanded to a soft matte finish. I love designing with resin and finding ways to accentuate colour and light, as you move so does the light, they glow from within. They are very versatile earrings which work with everything, from casual to elegant and understated. This shade of pink looks great on many skin tones.

All jewelry is hand fabricated.

I try my best to make sure the photo colours are as close as possible to the actual pieces, please note there may be a slight difference.

Size: 4 cm from top and about 2 cm wide

Ear wires: silver

Care: The silver will naturally darken with time. Please take care not to use harsh solvents, soaps or abrasives and do not immerse in water. You can clean them with a slightly damp cloth and buff to dry with a soft cloth.