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Ki Enamel with Pearl Earrings


Ki earrings are inspired by my 20 years in Japan where we are often reminded of the primordial power of earth. Below the surface it’s roiling with energy bursting forth through volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. Reds, gold, metal represent energy and movement.

They are painted enamel on patinated bronze, lacquered with cashew tree resin and finally dusted with pure gold powder. I enjoy working with simple forms and focusing on colour, texture and light. I treat each piece as a small work of art. They are very special, painterly, one of a kind pieces.

All jewelry is hand fabricated.

I try my best to make sure the photo colours are as close as possible to the actual pieces, please note there may be a slight difference.

Size: 4 cm from the top to bottom and about 2.5cm wide

Ear wires: gold filled

Care: Please take care not to use harsh solvents, soaps or abrasives. You can clean them with a damp cloth. Enamel is glass fused to a metal surface. Avoid dropping or hitting your jewelry against hard surfaces as it may result in chipping, cracks and scratches of enamel. The enamel can be protected from scratches by storing it in the gift box provided.
These earrings have been lacquered and dusted with gold powder, please take note that it can wear away or discolour over time.