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Kai Earrings


Kai earrings were inspired by seashell forms. They are layered and painted enamel, polished to a soft, matte finish, lacquered with cashew resin and finally dusted/burnished with fine silver powder. They are very classic, one of a kind pieces.

Size: 4cm from bottom to top of ear wires and about 3 cm wide

Ear wires: sterling silver

Care: Enamel is glass fused to metal surface. Avoid dropping or hitting your jewelry against hard surfaces as it may result in chipping, cracks and scratches of enamel.
The enamel can be protected from scratches and cuts by wrapping in tissue and storing it in the gift box provided.
These earrings have been lacquered, brushed and burnished with pure silver powder, please take note that it can wear away or discolor in time.