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Enamel Bird Brooch


This bird pin was inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, finding beauty and harmony in asymmetry, imperfection and worn surfaces. After applying layers of enamel it is sanded, accented with lacquer and then dusted with fine, pure gold powder. To finish, it’s buffed and sealed with matte varnish spray. I enjoy working with simple, sculptural forms, creating timeless and wearable art pieces. I’ve always been a fan of brooches and finally they are coming back in style!

All jewelry is hand fabricated.

I try my best to make sure the photo colours are as close as possible to the actual pieces, please note there may be a slight difference.

Size: approx. 7 cm x 5 cm

Care: Enamel is glass fused to a metal surface. Avoid dropping or hitting your jewelry against hard surfaces as it may result in chipping, cracks and scratches of enamel. This piece has been lacquered and brushed with pure gold/silver powder, please note that it can wear away or discolour in time.
Your jewelry can be protected by storing it in the box provided.